Photo: Knut Rokne
Photo: Knut Rokne

Growing up in the city of Calgary, AB, with the Rocky Mountains lurking ever so discreetly in the background, it didn’t take long for my entire family to find out that the best direction to go is Up.

My older siblings, Chris and Stacey were the first to fall victim to a life long obsession, and it wasn’t long after that my little brother, Mike, and I were tagging along, discovering the joys of good ol’ rock climbing.

From then I have traveled to countries such as China and Ecuador to compete, and in the past few years have focused more on the inspiring world of rock. I have a unique love for my hometown areas in the Bow Valley of Alberta, with Acephale being my home of rock.

I have recently become a Registered Nurse, specializing in pediatrics. My goal is to combine my passion for children and families with my passions of travel and climbing.



Climbing is my passion. The world is my playground!

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