I am extremely excited to announce that I have just become one of the newest members of the Arc’teryx rock climbing team! It’s hard to put into words just how thrilled and honoured I am to be a part of this inspiring company.

Not only does Arc’teryx rock the technical adventure clothing world, but the company is chock-full of motivated outdoor enthusiasts. I am extremely lucky to call many Arc’teryx employees my friends here in Vancouver, and the more people I meet from this company, the more impressed I become. Everyone is just so dang nice!

I’m inspired and humbled to be included in this group of athletes, many of which I think of as my personal heroes (Nina Caprez, I’m talkin’ about you!).

I’m truly looking forward to working closely with Arc’teryx and the wonderful community that this company embodies! Here’s to turning a new leaf and high hopes for the future!

Check out Arc’teryx’s wicked Fall 2012 line here!

P.S. Like my new site? I’d like to say a big thank you to my two good friends and computer geeks, Gary Foster and Jamie Chong for making my blog so nice and pretty!

Update: Check out my athlete profile!

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