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Arc’teryx C’esta Pant and Women’s Squamish Hoody

Welcome to my very first gear review! All climbers know that the most important thing in climbing besides their own body is the gear they use. Our lives depend on it. As a climber, I am very lucky to have a number of fantastic gear companies support me. Therefore, I decided to start this section on my blog to review my favourite products from these companies (and many others!).

Although my life doesn’t depend on these two products that I’m about to review, I am nonetheless stoked on them! I am a firm believer in wearing well made and comfortable clothing while climbing. That is why I was ecstatic to join Arc’teryx’s climbing team late last year. Their clothing is cutting edge, technical and made for outdoor fanatics. Recently, Arc’teryx released their Spring 2013 line of clothing, introducing a ton of new, rad, technical clothing. Included in this new line of clothing are loads of new amazing clothing for the gals. Two items that I am particularly in love with are the C’esta Pant and the Squamish Hoody for women.

The C’esta pant is a perfect alternative to the tight fitting yoga pants that climber girls seem to favour these days.

The C’esta Pant (in the Celsian colour)

Made from a cotton/linen blend, these pants are very lightweight and breathable, making them an excellent choice for climbing in mild to warm weather. The wide waistband and side fastening system give the pant a streamlined look and feel.

A look at the side fastening system; the zipper and snaps sit comfortably off to the side without rubbing or getting in the way while climbing

I have both bouldered and sport climbed in these pants, and I have found they perform well in both areas. My favourite part about these pants (besides how incredibly comfortable they are) is the gathered, pleated pant ends at the ankle. This prevents the baggy pants from slipping over the ankle and getting in the way. They also give the pant that classic ‘genie’ look that I love.

Overall, I highly recommend the C’esta pant to any gal looking for a change in style and some added comfort to their climbing, as well as a perfect hangout pant. I will definitely be taking these pants with me everywhere I go. Love ’em! The only critique I have for these pants are the sizing. I am normally a perfect small in Arc’teryx pants, and I find these fit a tad on the larger side. They do shrink in the wash, but I would try these bad boys on before ordering them! Check them out on the Arc’teryx website here. And consider the C’esta Capri as well. I was wishing a had a pair of those in the hot hot weather in the Red River Gorge!

Climbing with the C’esta Pant in the Red River Gorge. Here I pulled the pleat up above my calf to fashion capris because it was HOT.

The next item I am in love with is the newly designed Squamish Hoody for women. The men’s Squamish Hoody has been an Arc’teryx favourite for quite a while. I was stoked when Arc’teryx recognized that the girls needed one too! While still loose-fitting, this jacket has been redesigned for female sizes and figures.

The Women’s Squamish Hoody (in the Cherrywine colour)

Incredibly lightweight (weighing in at 135g), the Squamish Hoody is the PERFECT back up jacket. Using a side zipper, it packs down incredible small, with a small elastic loop to attach it to your harness. The new design also packs down much smaller and more compactly than the original Squamish Hoody.

The Women’s Squamish Hoody (right) packs down much smaller than the original Men’s Squamish Hoody (blue on left)

This jacket is the perfect solution to ever changing weather while on long climbs. I also enjoy wearing it overtop of a hoody or long sleeve while warming up in cooler, windier conditions. It is very wind resistant for how lightweight it is, allowing for that added bit of protection from the weather, while at the same time remaining breathable. As for sizing, I am a standard small in all the Arc’teryx jackets I have tried on to date, and this jacket is no exception!

Tom and I both enjoying our Squamish Hoody’s just last week when we took a solo jaunt up the First Flat Iron in Boulder, CO. With every changing weather and some rain drops at the top, I was happy to have this little wonder jacket with me!

Two peas in a pod in our Squamish Hoodies on the First Flat Iron, Boulder, CO

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